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The Concept

There's never been a more important time to put yourself directly in front of your independent dealer customers.

With the number of trade shows on the decline, consolidation, increased pressure on sales and marketing budgets, and dealerships getting into more and more product lines, a platform to give your brands regular exposure, direct to your customers, is what’s required.

Independent Dealer is published by leading trade media organization OPI, and celebrates the successes of today's independents and their trading partners, and turns the spotlight on the opportunities to make them even stronger and more profitable. It is distributed digitally to over 7,000 independent dealer executives in North America every month.

Display advertising

The cost: Our electronic format means no big paper, printing or postage bills. And that means ad rates that offer outstanding value for the market delivered:

The Audience

The U.S. independent office products dealer community, including the leading dealer group members, wholesaler customers and dealer systems house users. Plus, as an advertiser, we will be happy to include your customer and prospect base to make sure your message reaches your own desired audience.

The Pitch

The revival of the independent dealer is a terrific story and this is a publication with the mission and the resources to tell it properly. We hope you will join charter advertisers like Avery, BIC, Domtar, ECI, Pentel, Safco, S.P. Richards, Sylvamo and others, to support the effort and present your own products and services to a key audience in a compelling editorial environment they will read and value.

Ad Specs:

Sizes:  Full Page: 8.5" w x 11" d  /  Half Page: 7.75" w x 5.125"

Space Reservation Deadline: the 5th of the month prior to the month of publication

Camera-ready Deadline: the 24th of the month prior to the month of publication (or last working day prior to that date)

Please send a hi-rez logo file with your ad for inclusion in the "Support Our Advertisers" animation on the home page.


If you have any questions or problems, please contact:

Chris Turness  |  (703) 596 4302  |

Rowan McIntyre  |  (703) 531 8507  |


Production Specs and notes:

  • PDFs generated from InDesign files as any PDF/X will produce visible "scratches or slice marks" in the final pdf. Our designers will have to convert your file into a hi-rez tiff file in order to eliminate these visible marks.
  • For PDF files produced by Acrobat Distiller or CS PDF output - and set to Print or "Press" quality: downsample all graphics in the ad to 144dpi. When configuring Acrobat attributes DO NOT DOWNSAMPLE to 72dpi
  • Be certain that the name of your company is included within the name of the file you are uploading: i.e., ABCcompany_idealerMayAd.pdf
  • Please submit multiple ads as single page pdfs - We do not look for page 2 in ad pdf's.