Dealer delivery solution goes live

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Dealer delivery solution goes live

The Dealer Delivery Network (DDN) last-mile delivery solution for US independent dealers has gone live.

Last year, large dealer consortium SCIG announced the creation of an entity to develop a software platform – called DDN Hub – aimed at facilitating last-mile shipments to multilocation customers outside of a contracting dealer’s delivery footprint. Following a testing phase, the initiative has now moved to actual account onboarding and order fulfilment.

“The Hub’s software solution is expected to meaningfully reduce last-mile delivery cost while also providing servicing dealers with a new source of revenue,” said SCIG spokesperson Dave Guernsey. “Most importantly, end users will receive the white glove delivery treatment that independent dealers are well known for.”

The DDN Hub was expected to be released in May, but was delayed to add accounting and payment functionalities – such as ACH electronic payment of fees to servicing resellers – to the original specifications. Dealer back-end systems can be fully integrated with the Hub or, as preferred by the dealer, used with various levels of manual processing. A follow-on version will incorporate additional features to enable participants to coordinate on-site servicing dealer inventory with wholesaler shipments.

First in the queue to onboard major accounts will be the investors that underwrote the cost of developing the Hub software.


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