ECI announces LD Products integration

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ECI announces LD Products integration

ECI Software Solutions has announced a new Private Supply Network (PSN) integration with LD Products for its Red Falcon office products e-commerce software.

ECI said the deal will allow Red Falcon users to send purchase orders to LD Products – one of the largest distributors of printer supplies to dealers in the US OP channel – directly through a single platform.

This integration will enable business supplies resellers to connect with LD Products through a unified, easy-to-use platform, allowing them to submit error-free orders to the supplier electronically, receive digital acknowledgements in return and provide all the information needed to manage jobs of any size.

Users will also be able to validate orders with detailed specifications, as well as retrieve lists of business partners, price agreements and dealer salespersons prior to sending a final purchase order. Once the purchase order is finalized in Red Falcon, the updated information – including acknowledgement number(s) and shipping dates – is automatically sent back from LD Products.

“As a platform for vendor communication, Red Falcon’s PSN enables resellers to strengthen their relationships with leading office product manufacturers like LD Products,” said Brian Bowerfind, President, Office Product & Contract Furniture, ECI Software Solutions.


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