Envoy acquires iconic jan/san company

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Envoy acquires iconic jan/san company

Envoy Solutions has acquired the company whose building is used on the opening credits of the US version of The Office.

Envoy’s latest acquisition—its 16th in 2022—is Pennsylvania Paper and Supply (Penn Paper), a 100-year-old distributor of facilities supplies, jan/san equipment and products, and industrial packaging solutions. Penn Paper was founded in 1922 by Jacob Fink, and is currently headed by his grandson, Doug. Originally focused on selling paper bags to Scranton grocers, Penn Paper has expanded its product line beyond paper products over the years and also broadened its territory into New York and New Jersey.

Penn Paper’s red-brick building is featured at the start of every episode of The Office and is regularly visited by the show’s fans in search of ‘the real Dunder Mifflin’.


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