GSA extends marketplace contracts

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GSA extends marketplace contracts

The US General Services Administration (GSA) has extended the three proof-of-concept contracts for its online marketplace initiative.

The original agreements for the pilot phase of the Commercial Platforms program expired on December 24, 2023. To ensure continuity while the GSA finalizes the delayed award process for a new set of contracts, the agency has extended the agreements with Amazon Business, and Fisher Scientific for a further three months.

In order to implement these short-term, non-competitive ‘bridge’ contracts, the GSA had to demonstrate an “urgent and compelling requirement”. It argued the need to avoid customer interruptions on what it described as an “important commercial platform option” that has generated sales of more than $80 million under the current contracts.

Figures released by the GSA last year showed that about 96 percent of spend on this initiative was being made through Amazon Business. Awards for the new contracts are expected to be made by March 24 this year.


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