Prima Software announces merger

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Prima Software announces merger

UK-based Prima Software and Foresight Technology have merged to deliver enhanced business intelligence (BI) reporting.   

Foresight Technology was founded over ten years ago and its solution, VantagePOINT, delivers advanced reporting solutions to some of the largest resellers in the UK. Founder Terry Thurgood will be joining the Prima Board as BI Director and will manage the PowerBI development team in the creation of a new reporting module within the Prima back-office system.

VantagePOINT will be added into the Prima Software product portfolio and rebranded as PrimaVANTAGE. As part of the merger, Chris Geer and Dan Thurgood will also join the Prima team. For existing Foresight Technology customers, VantagePOINT and consultancy services will continue to be delivered as normal, without disruption.

Prima Software Managing Director Ian Buckley commented: “In the current climate, it is more important than ever for dealer principals to have maximum transparency of what is really happening within their business. Having access to powerful BI reporting helps to highlight growth areas such as emerging categories and upselling opportunities.”

Foresight Technology Managing Director Terry Thurgood added: “Prima customers can expect to see some extremely new innovations coming to their system. We’re going to be developing a completely new toolset that really lifts the game.”

Watch an interview with Ian Buckley and Terry Thurgood discussing the merger.


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