TD SYNNEX focuses on circular economy

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TD SYNNEX focuses on circular economy

Tech distribution giant TD SYNNEX has announced an updated strategy for its services business unit to drive the circular economy with partners.

Following a strategic review, the services business unit will now concentrate on providing additional trade-in and IT asset disposition options that will enable partners to encourage customer investment in IT products and services, while also meeting their sustainability obligations.

This is in addition to financial services that TD SYNNEX offers, including Tech-as-a-Service, which enables partners to offer any combination of products and services on a subscription basis. Partners will also be able to use flexscription TD CAPITAL that provides end-of-contract options from the outset.

Another element of the new approach includes a set of value-added services, meaning partners can offer tailored configurations, ‘bill and hold’ services, extended warranty options, and net zero consultancy services to customers.

Business Unit Director Sophia Haywood-Atkinson stressed the approach will be geared to both partners serving the SMB market as well as those addressing the enterprise sector.

Haywood-Atkinson added: “The circular economy is becoming a core part of the whole IT ecosystem. Being able to drive and deliver sustainable choices and derive better value out of the entire life cycle of IT products is going to become absolutely vital to all partner businesses in the future. Device-as-a-service is increasingly popular and we are seeing more tenders stipulating that a certain proportion of products must be refurbished.”



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